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課程名稱:2019 地球觀測及社會衝擊國際研討會


* This registration is only valid for domestic participants.


主題21Tsunami Hazards Assessments(適用款次:第1款;核准積分數:10

主題20Advances is Earth Observations and Geoinformatics in Disaster Management


主題19Current Situation of Climate Changes and Railway Disaster Prevention


主題18Activity of Internal Waves in the Earth’s Polar Atmosphere Found from the

                  FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Radio Occultation Data


主題17Time Dimension of Satellite Imagery : A Revisit of Their Use in Urbanization

                  and Health Studies(適用款次:第1款;核准積分數:10

主題16Applications of Korean Earth Observation Satellites: Current Status and


主題15Recent Development of GIS in Japan


主題14Marine/Coastal Environment and Fisheries Resource Sensing


主題13Forensic Earth Observations for Geographic Differentiation and Provenance


主題12Observing Technology and Hazard Prevention on Railway and Pavement


主題11Intelligent and Integrated Safety Monitoring System for Hillside Residential


主題10Applying Satellite Imagery for Health Application and Research on Infectious

        Disease and Chronic Disease(適用款次:第1款;核准積分數:20

主題09Ocean Science and Marine Affairs


主題08IT and Earth Observation for Environmental Sustainability


主題07Measurement of Railway Quality(適用款次:第1款;核准積分數:20

主題06Open Access Satellite Imagery Processing and Applications


主題05Climate Impacts on Water Resources


主題04Greenspaces in Urban Planning: Outlook Towards Smart Cities


主題03Uplifting Remote Sensing and GIS for Influential Studies of Natural Variation

        and Anthropogenic Processes on Eco-environment


主題02Risk of Natural Hazards and Land Degradation in the Changing World


主題01Implementation of Circular Economy in Pollution Remediation and

                  Integrated Management for Watershed



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