Earth Observation Creativity Contest (EOCC 2019)

ICEO&SI 2019

Earth Observation Creativity Contest


Ver. 3

l Objective:

Scope of the EOCC is to maximize the influence of earth observations on societal issues, as well to encourage the creative application of products and services via earth observations; including software, hardware, and digital contents.

l Theme:

Theme of the EOCC is the implementation of any Unmanned Airborne Carriers (including but not limited to UAVs) on the earth observations.

l Qualification:

Students, who has registered for ICEO&SI 2019, by group (no more than 5 persons) or by individual, can all become a team to participate.  Every team may be led by a supervising instructor.  However, limited decisive consultation and demonstrative presentation shall be made upon the supervising instructor. 

l Prizes:

The prizes of EOCC will be awarded during the closing ceremony of ICEO&SI 2019.  The committee may reserve the right to deprive the awards, if necessary.

1 Superior Prize: an award of $10,000 NTD along with a certificate of merit will be issued

                               to the winning team.

3 Excellent Prize: an award of $3,000 NTD along with a certificate of merit will be

                               awarded to each winning team.

Outstanding Prize: a certificate of merit will be delivered to several teams of

                                  well performance.

In addition, a certificate of merit will be assigned to each: the Most Popular Team, the Most Creative Team, and the Best Supervising Instructor.

l Registration:

Registration for EOCC, all participating teams should complete the following:

  1. Fill out the EOCC application form along with an amount of $3,000 NTD readily paid for as the Performance Bond by May 01.  The bond will be returned soon after the contest has been fully compiled.
  2. Provide a 3-minutes video or PPT file to outline the motivation, characteristics and conclusive results of their product/service.  A brief presentation shall be made at the session assigned by the committee.
  3. Each team member has to complete the registration for ICEO&SI 2019.
  4. A poster of A0-size shall be posted in the poster session.
All informative materials of EOCC related will be shared, announced, and distributed at no cost through the conference.
l Ranking:

On-site voting: 30%, Jury: 70%.


A no-longer-than-10-minute onstage presentation of each team’s product/service in any format, e.g., PPT, demonstration … etc., will be prepared and delivered by each team.  Jury will be formed with professional experts invited by TGEO.  The ranking principles are set forth as follows:

30%   goes to the creativity and originality of the product/service.

40%   due to the in-depth implementation and capability of integrating the technique for earth observations.

30%   accounted for the feasibility and completeness of the product/service.

On-site Voting

Everyone who has registered for ICEO&SI 2019 will have one vote for his/her favorite team.

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