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Call for Papers

Conference Objectives

1. Disasters: Reducing the loss of lives and properties from either natural or human-induced disasters by enhanced preparation policies and early 
                      warning systems.

2. Health: Assessing how environmental elements affect human health.

3. Energy: Improving the management of energy policies as well as the development of renewable energy and sustainable resources.

4. Climate: To monitor, understand, and assess various factors for climate variability as well as to assist in making efficient policies of climate 
                    change adaptation.

5. Water/Ocean: Investigating the influence of water resources distribution and variability of hydrological cycle on the world’s sustainable 

6. Weather: Integrating weather observation database and projection models to enhance the application of weather informatics in various research 

7. Ecosystems: Establishing an integrated monitoring framework of land, coast, and marine to benefit the environment and societal development.

8. Agriculture/Forestry/Fishery: Using the earth observations to achieve the effective management and sustainability in agriculture, forestry and

9. Biodiversity: Improving measuring and analysis techniques of biodiversity for protection, reproduction and balance of global bio-resources.

10. Industry and Policy: Providing Earth observation-related products, business models, and a platform for information exchange to increase 
                                          mutual benefits of industry, academics, and government.



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